If I were a super hero and could snap my fingers to solve the problems of
hate, degradation and mean spirit in the world, the way some use fear and intimidation
to control and/or intimidate others and rob them of the beauty and freedom of life,
I would gladly lay down my life to do so.
But as I look around I see that it would do no good.

These evil, self riotous, mean, selfish people are always with us and no amount
of confrontation with them will ever stop them from purposely robbing others of
confidence and the joy of life just because they want it all for themselves
no matter who gets stepped on, or how they get stepped on to get it.

To see those that have been so victimized by this, the way there lives
and spirits have been permanently damaged and degraded and put into a state
of fear and intimidation and be powerless to stop it breaks my heart
to the point of tears.

If I were a super hero I would gladly lay down my life to put an end to this.
But I know that nothing will stop it.

One person tried over 2000 years ago and the only thing that permanently changed
was the way we count time through the years.

zen cat